Team Building

Play is powerful! It brings people together and offers an inclusive platform through which individuals and organizations can develop skills that enhance the workplace environment, leading to improved productivity and staff satisfaction.
Motivate your team, create positive energy and inspire enthusiasm with a well constructed team building experience that utilizes lessons learnt from the field of sport and physical activity. 
With over 13 years experience of using sport to develop people we can help you improve team cohesion and increase personal productivity. 
Why team building?
Inspired, energized staff produce quality work.  Whether you have a small team or a large company, this team building experience will strengthen your staff’s skills in: 
We Guarantee
Our Process
Our tailored approach is composed of three phases that ensures your organisation’s ownership in the preparation of the activity: 
1. Needs Assessment:
2. Collaborative Design: Together with your organization, we will create the ultimate team building experience
3. Interactive delivery: Participant centred activities that will engage your team in enjoyable and challenging experiences that lead to thoughtful and deliberate actions.
Our facilitators
CSDA Team Building facilitators are chosen because they possess the skills, experience and qualifications to support rich individual engagement and dynamic group interactions. All CSDA Team Building sessions are lead by an MTa Certified Trainer.
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